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Review of Eric Lewis Violin Master Pro

Review of Eric Lewis Violin Master Pro

Unfortunately, if you think the violin is as easy to learn as the guitar, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.  If you did realize it, a violin doesn’t have frets like a guitar does.  That means that you must be able to at least have a pretty good ear or you might as well just move on to another instrument.  Sorry, if that’s harsh, but without a good ear for music, you won’t succeed in playing the violin.

If you’re still reading, then I can assume you have that ear.  If you’re looking for the best course to learn to the violin online, then this is it.  These people not only know how to play but more importantly, they know how to teach.  Sometimes, I think that’s more important than their actual musical skills, but these guys are pros anyway, so I guess that’s a mute point.

You won’t find any other system that gives you as many tools to learn with.  You can watch hundreds of videos.  If you think that a video isn’t the best way to learn how to play an instrument, then think again.  Everything is right in front of your eyes.  You can stop, start, replay until you get it right.  If you’re like me, you may feel like you wore those buttons out!  But it worked.  I can play now.  Granted it’s not concert quality, but I can pick up a violin and play something that sounds good and not like a chicken squawking!

About the membership – hands down, you won’t find a better one anywhere.  Download as many of the courses as you want.  You won’t find a one or two lesson limit here.  Think you want to learn the piano too?  Go for it.  You’ll even find a combined course that you can download for that.  You won’t find a lower price on this type of instruction anyway.  If you want a private teacher, then you have to go through the work of finding one you can connect with and then travel to see them.  Not to mention that you can pay up to $75 an hour for a lesson.  So grab onto your hat, because you’re liable to faint dead away when you see the price for this membership.  It’s low, folks.  Really low.  You also aren’t stuck with a recurring charge each month.  It’s one time and one time only.

And check this out – they have some awesome jam tracks for whatever instrument you’re playing.

You can have all the backup you need to play a violin concerto or whatever suits your fancy.

This guy, Eric Lewis, has got 40 years under his belt teaching violin.  40 years!  I’m willing to bet he’s been teaching longer than some of you have been around.

You can tell he loves what he does and has created something that is really special and unique regarding violin.

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